Kyiv on very old engravings of 1861 year

Picture proposes to revise a series of Polish engravings with images of Kyiv in 1861.

At that time there was already a photograph, and therefore the meaning of such engravings began to decrease. Moreover, some drawings look like photographs refined by the artists.

On the photos you can see Vydubychi Monastery, the Golden Gate, part of the Khreshchatyk street, Podil and many others beautiful places of Ukraine Capital.

In the future we will add more old photos of Ukrainian cities.

1861 year. Monument to the Magdeburg Law on engraving

1861 year. Khreshchatyk and surroundings on engraving

1861 year. St. Sophia Monastery in engraving

1861 year. Golden Gate on engraving according to the drawing of 1651

1861 year. View of the Podil

1861 year. Vydubitsky monastery on engraving

1861 year. View on the right bank of the Dnipro on engraving

1861 year. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra on engraving

1861 year. Askold's grave in engraving

1861 year. Coat of Arms of Kyiv

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17 Квітня 2018 Hrydzhuk V.


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